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Letšeng Diamond mine is situated high in the Maluti Mountains in the Kingdom of Lesotho, southern Africa. Letšeng Diamonds (Pty) Ltd holds the mining lease granted in 1999 by the Government of Lesotho.


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Response to the Daily Maverick Article

Jan, 14

Response to the article, “Report raises alarm over mines’ pollution of rivers critical to Lesotho Highlands Water Project.”

Letšeng Diamonds is disappointed by a news article titled “Report raises alarm over mines’ pollution of rivers critical to Lesotho Highlands Water Project” recently published in the Daily Maverick Newspaper. The article is littered with factual inaccuracies and is alarmist in its tone when the true facts demonstrate that there is no factual basis to the actual and implied assertions that Letšeng Diamonds is responsible for polluting waters that are destined for export to South Africa, thereby imperilling this important industry in Lesotho. Nothing could be further from the truth. In the Lesotho Highlands Development Authority’s 2020/2021 Annual Report, the LDHA confirms the water quality in the Katse and Muela Dams as “Good”. The below graphs (page 25 of the 2020/2021 Annual Report) are also included in the LDHA Annual report, reporting Nitrate levels (NO3) of below 0.8mg/l since 2015, with no evidence of further assimilation of Nitrates over the 2015–2021 period. (https://www.lhda.org.ls/lhdaweb/Uploads/documents/Annual_Reports/Annual_Report_2020_21.pdf).


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